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Dental Services Provided By CLS

Dental Services Provided By CLS

How do you get your dental service needs taken care of? At CLS, we provide high quality products, clean laundry service, and exceptional customer care. All in the same reliable package!

CLS is in the business of making sure that everything your dental office needs is delivered safely and accurately.

Hygiene + Efficient Services 

 Some dental office laundry and scrub rental services provide exceptional hygiene but could not deliver on-time or rack you up in an endless list of surprise and shady costs; others are attentive to your needs but could not bring you the level of ensuring cleanliness that you need for your practice. In today's world, you cannot afford to not have both. You can neither gamble on the cleanliness of your supplies nor the integrity or stability of your dental office linens.

CLS Image covers all your bases. 

With our dental services, we make sure that you do not have to choose between cleanliness and convenience, between peace of mind and ease of doing business. CLS' brand of excellence and quality service is one that is founded on expert experience, technology, and dedication of customer service.

Like any healthcare laundry facility, a combination of strong detergents and even stronger precautions on top of existing facility equipment, make sure that your dental office apparel and linens come out clean. With CLS, you can always expect for your uniforms and linens to be as clean as they appear – for your and your patients' peace of mind. 

Dental Products We Offer 

Whether you're looking for dental lab coats, dental scrubs, or other linens for your dental practice, CLS guarantees excellent quality products and even better cleaning services all delivered efficiently, promptly, and with utmost integrity.

Each item in our selection is constantly subjected to strict quality control protocols from the moment they get introduced into our inventory and every time we process them between pickups and deliveries to your facility to make sure that you receive them in good order and ready to use. 

Getting a Better Grip on Your Dental Office Needs with CLS 

From laundry practices to delivery to pricing and billing, you can expect CLS to always work towards what works for you, what is satisfactory to you. We work towards helping your practice deliver the best care for your patients.

We also make sure to leave no room for doubt and confusion as we make everything straightforward and easy, especially our contracts. No surprise costs. No hidden charges. No hassles and no headaches.

Our excellent dental laundry and linen services with exceptional customer care service: the kind that will leave you in want of nothing and with the peace of mind from knowing that help for your dental services needs is only one call away.

Get In Touch With CLS Image Today! CLS gives you the easier, more reliable way to guarantee the quality and safety of your dental services. Sign up for a laundry or rental program today! Call us at 800-875-4636 or send us a message here. 

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