How to Take Care of Your Business's Floors

Floor maintenance is not simply a matter of cleanliness and satisfaction. While that is, without a doubt, one of the most important reasons to put effort into your floor's maintenance, there are many other reasons to give your facility's floors the proper love and care.

For one, it is as much a matter of safety as it is cleanliness. For another, it is a matter of cost. It is more expensive to have your floors repaired or overhauled than it is to regularly care and maintain them.

The bigger question to tackle now is this: how do you take care of your business's floors?

Different floors require different care, that much we know. But outside of the specifics and nitty-gritty details of specific care requirements, the underlying concepts in taking care of your business's floors are pretty simple and straightforward. We've listed them below for you:

Keep a regular cleaning schedule and stick to it! 

The most effective concept in floor care and maintenance is to remember that it is a cycle, not a process you only undertake when absolutely necessary. The frequency and intensity of regular cleaning depends on the type of floors you have as well as the amount of foot traffic your facility gets. It should, however, always involve some form of daily cleaning as well as a routine deep clean. 

Provide proper floor care training for your personnel. 

 No amount of regularity in your cleaning schedule can be effective enough without proper technique. While you can leave the deep cleaning of your floors and floor mats in the hands of professionals, your daily cleaning routine falls in the hands of your staff. Make sure they have a thorough understanding of the kind of care needed, the proper tools for the job, and the most effective cleaning techniques to get the best results.

Invest in floor care and floor protection tools. 

When it comes to protecting your floors, nothing beats trusty floor mats. They give your floors a much-needed shield against dirt, debris, scratches, and moisture that can cause damage and premature wear and tear. Do note, however, that not all floor mats are made equal.

There are different types of floor mats that are a better match for certain areas in your business space. Similarly, some brands of floor mats are better than others. Make sure to get your mats from a reliable mat rental and seller that can give you an excellent product range plus the expertise to help you make the most of your floor mats.

 Find the right floor cleaner.

Smart technology is no longer just limited to mobile and computer technologies. At CLS, we have used better, smarter technology in coming up with the Smart Floor – a revolutionary no-rinse bioactive cleaner designed for daily use. This cleaner is engineered to remove dirt, debris, grease, fats, and oils off the floor to help keep your floors as clean as they are safe. 

CLS Helps you Take Care of Your Business' Floors! 

CLS combines its long industrial experience in floor care technology with savvy business models to help you achieve easy, quick, and efficient floor care and maintenance solutions for your facility.

Discover our floor and facility maintenance service options today! Contact CLS at 800-875-4636, or fill in the form here to request a quote or send in your queries. 

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