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Winona Paper Brings Hope to Humanity

Giving Back

In our industry, our partners, vendors, and customers become family. Family inspires us to be better. One of our Family Members, Winona Paper helps put the "hope" in humanity. CLS would like to share a little about "why" in the hope of inspiring us all.

Winona Paper has always considered themselves a purpose driven business. Because of that they partner with The Humanity & Hope United Foundation which is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit that works in rural Honduras. Honduras is the second poorest country in our hemisphere and has over 50% unemployment and little access to education. In rural communities villagers are left with even higher levels of unemployment coupled with substandard public schooling that ends in 6th grade. In most circumstances children drop out of school after 3rd or 4th grade to find whatever means necessary to work and help support their family.

H&H believes in empowering these people to provide them hope through creating employment opportunities. Additionally H&H gives students an opportunity for education as well as implement other sustainable change projects such as clean water and electricity. H&H believes that through these opportunities it will present a platform to share God’s transformational love and help teach others to empower and love each other in a way that develops sustaining communities.

Winona Paper fully believes in H&H’s mission and values which is why a portion of their profits go toward supporting H&H. They also serve H&H by giving their time, talent, and resources by traveling to Honduras and helping where they can!

Winona Paper just returned from a trip to Honduras. We would like to share some of their photos with you. What inspiration!

Winona Paper in Honduras 1
Winona Paper in Honduras 2
Winona Paper in Honduras 3
Winona Paper in Honduras 4
Winona Paper in Honduras 5
Winona Paper in Honduras 6

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