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CLS Solutions: Confusing Billing

Confusing invoices, unexplained billing and prices that change without notice. Do any of these sound familiar? At CLS we work to avoid those common complaints by being honest and helping our customers understand our billing process. "So we work really hard at CLS to have upfront pricing, bottom line pricing. When I give you a quote that's exactly h...
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Benefits of a First Aid Program

Having a comprehensive first aid program for your Michigan business is a smart way to manage any injuries. Your place of work needs a first aid program for wounds, burns, and cuts you might be liable for. If you're trying to make your business a safer place, a first aid kit is a good step in the right direction. The problem with first aid kits, tho...
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CLS Solutions: Worn Out Garments

Keeping your team looking great is hard work. But CLS is up to the task and we can take the work out of managing your work's uniform program. That includes replacing uniform pieces that no longer deliver the proper image. "What differentiates us at CLS is just within the last 2 years is we put up a whole new garment department, so it...
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CLS Solutions: Stopping Shortages

Are frequent shortages of items and garments a problem you see with your current linen or uniform supplier? At CLS, we work to make sure problems like that won't affect your business. It's one of the CLS Solutions you'll find to common industry problems. "Shortages are a very big thing in our industry," said Senior Sales Consultant, Jared Caron.&nb...
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CLS Solutions: Communication

When your business has a problem, you need answers quickly. At CLS, we know the way we respond to issues and communicate with our customers can make or break our relationships.   "We're a locally family owned company. We're Michigan's largest independent and we handle communication differently than some of our competition," said...
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