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Signing up for CLS Direct Access

CLS Direct Access is your web portal to manage your uniform and linen rentals 24/7. And signing up is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Direct Access now features more tools than ever before. Here's a step by step guide to put you in control of your uniform or linen programs. To find our web-based app you have 2 choices: You can go to our home pag...
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CLS Customer Spotlight: MI Table

In Downtown Bay City sits a new restaurant with big plans to show off the tastes of Michigan.  MI Table, pronounced "my table," takes up a space that used to be an old bank. The old vault remains and is now used for special chef's table events. Everything else in the space has been transformed to show off our state. "Come have a seat...
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Why Touch Free Restroom Systems Are Worth It

 Touch-free systems for your business's bathroom have many advantages. From customer comfort to bathroom cleanliness, there's many reasons to go "touch free" in your restroom. Read on to learn why! Touch Free Systems Make Customers Comfortable Does anybody enjoy touching any part of an unfamiliar business's bathroom? Don't you feel relieved wh...
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CLS Solutions For Your Business

When you choose a vendor to provide your uniforms or linen, you expect them to make your job easier. And that's what CLS strives to do. After more than 120 years in business, CLS has learned how to avoid common issues in our industry.  First-- we take the work out of managing your uniform program. "What we find in our industry is it could...
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CLS Solutions: Confusing Billing

Confusing invoices, unexplained billing and prices that change without notice. Do any of these sound familiar? At CLS we work to avoid those common complaints by being honest and helping our customers understand our billing process. "So we work really hard at CLS to have upfront pricing, bottom line pricing. When I give you a quote that's exactly h...
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