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Behind the Scenes of our Soil Transformation Project

STPThumbnail Behind the Scenes of our Soil Transformation Project
 After months of hard work by our team members and contractors we are excited to announce that phase one of our Soil Transformation Project is complete. The investment will continue our family-owned company's mission of annually increasing production capacity in Kalamazoo and at the same time will reduce waste and the use of uti...
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Behind the Scenes with the CLS Garment Manager

DerekVThumbnail-01 Derek VanderMeer, CLS Garment Manager
Does your company need a uniform program? We think so!  Work uniforms provide a cohesive look for your team, help customers identify your team members and promote your business image. CLS can take the work out of your work uniforms by not only providing all the items for you, but also washing and maintaining them too. Before those garments go ...
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How We Give Back to the Community

  Here at CLS, we've been a family-owned business since 1899. With over a century of experience, we've seen our community change and grow throughout the years. We are proud to be a part of the lower peninsula of Michigan. Our number one goal is to provide the best uniforms, linens, mats, and facility services possible to our customers. We know...
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Promotional Products: the biggest bang for your buck!

20190702_131540 One of the CLS Promo Boxes heading to some of our customers
D oes Your Company Need Promotional Products?  If you're like many businesses, you likely have to work to make your marketing dollars stretch. Brand awareness is key, so how do you get your brand and logo out there without breaking the bank? Promotional products. The Rule of 7   Did you know that it takes multiple exposures to a bran...
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Join us for the TVM Memorial Golf Classic

TVMPreviewThumbnail-01 Join us for the TVM Memorial Golf Classic!
In less than seven weeks, CLS Team members, customer partners and community members will come together in honor of former CLS owner, Ted Vander Meer. This will be the 7th year for the TVM Memorial Golf Classic. Ted's sons, Ron and Kurt, who took over the family business from their father, put together the golf tournament in his memor...
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