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Improvements to Better Serve You

Ever wonder what happens to the laundry we pick up from our customers from all over the state each week? CLS is in the middle of a seven-million dollar project to transform how we deliver the image of our customers. Phase one is now complete and it's already making a huge difference. The process starts with the customer storage bags that come ...
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Benefits of Using a Floor Mat Rental Service

A mat rental service for your office, medical facility, or hospitality business will improve many things. By hiring a company with a mat management service like CLS, you'll improve the safety of your customers, comfort of your employees, and cleanliness of your business. Here's how: A Mat Rental Service Makes Customers Safer The last thing you want...
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CLS Takes Part in Suicide Prevention Walk

IMG-3467-2 CLS Team Members Support Gryphon Place Suicide Prevention Walk

This past weekend, two dozen CLS team members weathered the bad weather to support Gryphon Place Suicide Prevention Walk. Team CLS played a part in helping them raise $76,000 for the cause!  Members of our team also volunteered to help set up before the walk, in addition to taking part in the 5K to raise awareness about suicide. Thank you...
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2019 TVM Memorial Golf Classic Raises $48,000

IMG_9281 2019 TVM Memorial Golf Classic Raises $48,000
The donations have been counted and CLS would like to thank all those involved in this year's TVM Memorial Golf Classic for making it a great event for an even better cause. "We would like to present the American Cancer Society with a check for $48,000 for our 2019 TVM Memorial Golf Classic. Pretty excited about this. This is good stuff and we ...
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Kalamazoo 9/11 StairClimb

IMG_9227-1 CLS team members at the 9/11 Stair Climb

​Members of the CLS team took part in the Kalamazoo 9/11 Memorial Stairclimb at Wings Event Center on Wednesday, September 11th. Along with local firefighters and community members, they climbed 110 floors to honor the 343 New York Firefighters who selflessly gave their lives 18 years ago. Pictured are CLS Senior Vice President and Owner ...
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