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Trash can liners by CLS get the job done and keep things clean. Made of high-strength, easy-to-use material, our can liners are up for tasks of any size. No more half-opened bags that fill too quickly and leave a mess, and no more tearing when lifting them out of the can. With can liners through CLS, you can confidently tie them, pull them out, and throw them out.

Highest Quality Can Liners for Your Business

If there’s anywhere your business should have unquestionable confidence, it’s in the quality of liners for your trash cans. Trash can liner quality is one of those things that’s only thought of if it’s not there. That’s because low-quality liners wreak havoc at the worst possible times. For the smooth running of your business, you need quality trash can liners.

Here’s what CLS can liners offer:


We offer two colors, black and white, and many sizes to fulfill any need you have. Here’s what we have:

Black Can Liners

  • 33 x 39 / 33 Gallon / Extra Heavy 1.35 ml
  • 40 x 46 / 45 Gallon / Extra Heavy 1.35 ml
  • 38 x 58 / 60 Gallon / Extra Heavy 1.35 ml

Natural Can Liners

  • 30 x 37 / 20 - 30 Gallon / Heavy 12 mic
  • 33 x 40 / 33 Gallon / Extra Heavy 16 mic
  • 40 x 48 / 40 - 45 Gallon / Extra Heavy 16 mic
  • 38 x 60 / 38 - 60 Gallon Extra Heavy 16 mic


For a can liner that’s up to any task, trust CLS. We know that durability is everything when the pressure is on. When a full bag is being pulled and the can is holding on tight, you’re placing a lot of trust in the quality of that liner. If it’s not up to the task and rips or tears, that’s another mess to clean, and another bag to trust. Don’t take unnecessary risks with low-quality bags. Go with CLS.

Smell Containment

Nothing’s worse than mustering up the courage to tie up that foul-smelling bag only to find the odor seeping through the bag itself! If you’re paying for trash can liners, the least they could do is shield you and your guests’ noses from unpleasant smells. CLS bags are constructed to do just that.

Can Liners From CLS Are Ready for Anything

If you’re ready to say goodbye to weak trash liners for good, give CLS a call at (800) 875-4363, visit our website, or ask for a quote for service!