Classic Mats

Classic Floor Mats

Say goodbye to mediocre, unreliable floor mats, and hello to effective and clean classic mats from CLS!

CLS mats are an elegant solution to preventing dirt, moisture, and other impurities from entering your facility so your floors look clean and stay clean.

Classic Mats to Suit Your Business

The classic floor mat selection from CLS is all about function. It's a simple, functional, all-around solution for your mid to heavy foot traffic needs.

  • Excellent dust control capacity. Our classic mats are engineered for professional efficiency. Their surface is designed to not only remove tracked-in dirt, but their smart design also pulls the dirt downward, so it doesn't stay on the surface only to be tracked in by the next visitor.
  • Stain resistant. These floor mats are built to last with strong static-dissipative quality reinforced with stain-stopping technology. They look good and stay effective for a longer time than your average store-bought alternative.
  • Certified safe! More than just keeping your floors clean and stopping tracked-in dirt from entering your business space, the CLS mat selection is also built for optimum protection against slip and fall injuries. 100% nitrile rubber backing offers higher skid and slip resistance that earned these mats a NFSI-certified high traction approval badge.
  • Expertly maintained by CLS. Your floor mats are only as good as their cleaning and maintenance – and we give the best in the lot! CLS has expert maintenance services for all floor mats to preserve cleanliness, safety, and quality. You won’t have to worry about your mats falling short.

Get Better Results with Classic Mats from CLS

CLS is the professional mat rental service provider that has it all. We have more than just a selection of high-quality classic mats. It’s about efficiency, and safety, and convenience – allowing you to run your business the way you need to.

Get busy with your business, not your floor mats. That’s what CLS is here for.

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