Complete Comfort Mats

Complete Comfort Floor Mats

Complete comfort mats can just what your workforce needs to find a comfortable, productive groove. CLS introduces our complete comfort mats. They feature top-notch anti-fatigue capacities, excellence in quality and durability, and the CLS brand of mat care service.

Top-Notch Mat Service

No matter how big or small your facility is, you can always trust in the quality and comfort that our comfort mats bring:

  • Focused protection against lower limb fatigue. Combat fatigue and discomfort for your workers with our anti-fatigue comfort mats. Our mats promote even weight distribution and improve blood circulation for employees who have to be on their feet for long periods.
  • Superior durability for long-lasting satisfaction. Get more out of your mats with long-lasting, non-crushing complete comfort mats. They stay effective for longer than most of their counterparts, so you don’t have to worry about poor performance or frequent replacements.
  • High traction for superior skid and slip resistance. Keep a safe, productive workplace free from the risks of slip and fall accidents. Strong nitrile-rubber backing helps fortify traction and resistance from slipping and skidding. And with beveled edges, transition is easier and safer, with zero tripping hazards.
  • Complete maintenance by CLS. CLS gives your floor mats the professional, complete maintenance they need. Our antibacterial treatment ensures the prevention of fungal and bacterial growth on your mats and the annoying foul odors that usually come with that. This makes them ideal for damp workplaces that are at a higher risk of these growths like food processing areas, professional kitchens, etc.

CLS Knows Quality and Convenience

If you’re looking for dependable, convenient, high-quality floor mat service, look no further than CLS. We have the skill, technology, and expertise to bring you clean, safe, commercial floor mats when you need them in the quality your business deserves.

True quality is measured by more than convenience – and CLS delivers every little component excellently.

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