4 Things To Consider When Choosing a Uniform and Textile Rental Company

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Invoices are poorly formatted and difficult to read. Price increases and unfavorable service charges are hidden in the fine print.

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We provide all rental items on a single invoice at expected intervals. You’ll also have complete account transparency and easy access to your account through the CLS Direct Access app.

Due to difficult cancellation terms, auto roll over windows, and refusing to admit fault, they are constantly suing and being sued for contract issues.

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Our agreements are clear, short, and written to equally share benefits and risks. Our Owner Guarantee assures you of dependable service.

Having shortages and excess inventory is common. Your point of contact won’t have the authority to solve service problems and they have no guaranteed response times.

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Direct Access allows you the ability to check on your items 24/7. We have a 98.5% customer retention rate, much higher than any of the national chains.

High turnover, low morale, and poor training results in inconsistent and impersonal service.

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At CLS, we pride ourselves on relationships. Our Route Sales Professionals have an average tenure of 11+ years. You also get a dependable Management Team who’s always available to answer your questions.