Hand Care

Hand Care

Did you know that proper handwashing and the use of the right selection of hand care products can help prevent up to 30% of diarrhea-related diseases and 20% of respiratory infections?

Promote more effective hand hygiene and better health at your business by equipping your restroom with top-grade hand care products from CLS.

CLS Hand Care Products

Provide the best protection for your employees and patrons against diseases and infections transmissible by hands including diarrhea and pneumonia. Equip your stores, restaurants, offices, medical facilities, workshops, and other businesses with high-quality hand hygiene products from CLS.

We offer:

  • Hand Sanitizer
    Hand Sanitizer
  • Foam Soap
    Foam Soap
  • Moisturizing Grit Soap
    Moisturizing Grit Soap
  • Touch Free Foam Soap
    Touch Free Foam Soap

Hand Hygiene the CLS Way

Illness from infectious diseases, including nosocomial infections, are preventable with proper handwashing. Providing easy access to liquid hand soaps and hand sanitizers are key to promoting proper hand hygiene. CLS makes it easy!

CLS has the global health advocacy of promoting proper hand hygiene to prevent the spread of deadly infections in commercial spaces and medical facilities. That is why we offer a full range of high-quality hand hygiene products, packaged for convenience to encourage more businesses and facilities to equip their restrooms and work spaces with hand care products.

CLS hand care products come in innovative and stylish dispensers. This includes our super-hygienic touch-free foam soap dispenser that reduces shared contact. We also offer installation of dispensers and scheduled replenishment of supplies for convenience and efficiency.

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