Get In, Get Out, Get Fit!

Getting fit and improving company morale, it's a mission team members at CLS set off on this January.

They're led by Inventory Coordinator/ Wellness Coordinator Angela Castellanos-Vargas.

Four days a week, she trades her forklift for her fitness class, taking CLS team members on a path to better health.

"It's been a nice blessing for me to come here and be able to do something that I love while I also come here and do my regular job and make money," said Castellanos-Vargas.

When she's not at CLS, Castellanos-Vargas is a personal trainer who loves helping others. It's a passion that fits in very well with the health and fitness goals set by many of her teammates.

"So that is actually my passion. It was so nice when I started working here and they asked me if I wanted to do wellness coordinating, the classes, because that's where my heart is, I love helping people," said Castellanos-Vargas.

The Get In, Get Out, Get Fit classes started just six months ago at CLS and have taken off.

"We've grown so much. It started out with like 10 ladies," said Castellanos-Vargas. "But now we're close to 30 people or more per class."

Most days, you'll even find many of the workers from the production facility, who already work on their feet all day, lacing up their shoes to join the 20 minute classes over their lunch breaks.

And Castellanos-Vargas says the classes have become an important part of their days.

"I've had people say they took a week off classes and now I need to go back because then I was sore, I wasn't as flexible. So it's such a nice asset for the employees," said Castellanos-Vargas.

Best of all, it's bringing CLS team members who don't usually work side by side, together for camaraderie. "It's great for team building and it helps the morale," said Castellanos-Vargas. "It's great for the company, it's great for the employees." 

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