CLS Can Help with New Dental Office Guidelines

As many dental practices and medical offices prepare to head back to work, they'll need to make major changes to their workflow in order to protect their team members, customers and patients. 

Using a professional industrial laundry service like CLS can help them adhere to their new guidelines.

The American Dental Association recently released a toolkit to guide dentists in this uncertain time.

Among the new guidelines, the ADA recommends dentists and hygienists change between their street clothes and scrubs upon entry and exit to the office. The toolkit also suggests that dental practices either provide laundry facilities in the office or use a professional laundry service to make sure germs and bacteria from their scrubs and lab coats don't spread.

CLS offers laundry service for dental and medical offices. We have a variety of scrubs, isolation gowns and fluid resistant lab coats available, all designed with employee safety in mind.

Using an industrial laundry service is the best way to ensure that your uniforms are being washed to CDC standards. These are processes CLS had in place before the Coronavirus pandemic. 

  • CLS follows all industrial laundry guidelines published by the CDC to reduce the risk of virus and bacterial transmission.
  • Our cleaning process temperature is above the temperature needed to inactivate viruses, which is 158 degree Fahrenheit, according to the World Health Organization.
  • The CDC also states that detergent alone is an effective method to sanitizing laundry and we use specialized formulas to make sure the right amount is used in every load.

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