How to Improve Safety and Health in Your Workplace

 How clean is your business space? More importantly, how healthy is your workplace? There's no underestimating the importance of having a safe and healthy workplace. Healthy employees are happy and productive. A lot of the responsibility of ensuring safety falls on the business management.

Here are some things that can help improve safety and health within your workplace:

1. Invest in safety training for your facility.

Knowledge is your facility's best defense against workplace accidents. That is why safety training is an essential and mandatory component of business operations. These trainings equip employees with the knowledge to protect themselves and each other. They also help them assess the risks in different work-related situations. This allows them to become more proactive in preventing dangerous situations from occurring.

2. Always have a fully-stocked first aid kit.

Improving safety and health in the workplace includes more than just having a first-aid kit available. Make sure that your first-aid kit is fully stocked and consistently updated. In the hecticness of day-to-day operations, this can easily be forgotten. That is why a first-aid supply service is helpful. A quality service will help you keep up with updating your first-aid kits so you'll never fall behind.

3. Promote cleanliness.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy and safe workplace, cleanliness is essential. It goes beyond having an empowered janitorial team. Keeping your workplace a healthy one requires a team effort. Because it's a shared space, everyone's personal hygiene attitudes affect the rest of the group. A good place to start is restroom etiquette and hand hygiene. To encourage better attitudes, make the essentials – toilet paper, hand towels, hand soap, and sanitizer – easily available. This helps create more accountability with the cleanliness of the shared workspace. Put cleaning essentials like disinfectants and cleaning towels within easy reach in shared spaces. These areas include the pantry, the break room, and personal workspaces like cubicles and lockers.

4. Put a premium on floor cleanliness and safety.

Floors are dirty. There's no surprise about that. Dirty floors are not only unhygienic; they are also unsafe. Everything from mud and accumulated dust to neglected spills can become slip and fall hazards. Slip and fall-related injuries are no joke. They send hundreds of workers to the ER every year. That's why floor cleanliness and safety should take a prime spot in your quest for a safer and healthier workspace. Aside from proper and regular cleaning, having the right floor care tools is also imperative. Make sure to invest in your floor mat and mop supply, as well as in their care and maintenance.

 5. Provide Protective, Consistently Clean Uniforms

Protecting employees and your protecting your business are one and the same with professional uniform service. No matter the industry, CLS has high-quality uniforms designed and maintained to protect your employees. Here’s what we offer your industry: 

Work Uniforms / Industrial Apparel

The dangers encountered by employees in industrial work settings are significant. Protect them with the following industrial uniform options by CLS

  • Flame Resistant Uniforms

  • High Visibility Uniforms

  • 100% Cotton Uniforms

  • Coveralls 

  • Oil Blok Uniforms

Healthcare Uniforms and Apparel 

Healthcare workers are exposed to harmful substances and microorganisms on a daily basis. CLS’s healthcare uniform service ensures protection and consistent cleanliness. We offer healthcare workers:

  • Fluid-Resistant Protective Apparel

  • Lab Coats & Counter Coats

  • Fluid-Resistant Lab Coats

  • Fluid-Resistant Gowns (Patient, ICU, and Pediatric)

  • Scrubs

Restaurant and Food Service Uniforms

Food service gets messy and dangerous. Provide your hospitality workers the protection and professional look they deserve with the following restaurant uniforms by CLS

  • Chef Coats, Pants, and Shirts

  • Butcher Frocks

  • Bistro and Bib Aprons

Improving Workplace Safety and Health with CLS

Let CLS help you achieve the cleanest and safest workplace for you and your employees! Our services are the easiest, most convenient, and cost-efficient way to secure your supplies. With CLS, you can focus on keeping your place clean, not on replenishing your supplies.

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