Keep Your Facilities Smelling Fresh

You’re going about your day and suddenly you get a whiff of something that brings back memories. Memories of that one vacation, or the flowers in that field you played in as a kid… or that nasty restroom you had to use that one time.

Don’t let your restroom be that restroom.

A smelly restroom can drive away customers and distract your employees. Just like you have your restroom stocked so some unfortunate soul doesn’t run out of toilet paper, make sure to have your air fresheners installed where you need them – on the bowls, in the urinals, and mounted on the wall. You’ll be glad you did.

Scent is the sense tied most strongly to memory. We might forget what the salesperson was wearing or the noise coming from the copier, but we’ll always remember if the facilities stink. Don’t let that happen!

Keeping your facilities smelling fresh year-round is so easy. Don’t get caught up in chemical-laden fresheners though. CLS's are VOC compliant, 100% recyclable, and friendly to the environment. That’s something that you can feel good about. Your facilities will be smelling fresh as a breeze!

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