Protect Business Floors in Winter with CLS

Michigan winters can be brutal to your floors. Do you know how to protect business floors in winter?

The Biggest Dangers to Your Floors this Winter

From mud and slush to turning your business into accident-prone hotspots, wintertime is rife with floor dangers:

Mud and Slush

The most common problems your floors face in wintertime are mud, slush, and excess moisture. All these can cause water damage to your floors unless cleaned up immediately. Tracked-in moisture can also end up making your floors dirty and slippery.

Snow Salt

Snow salts may be good for the roads but they are never good for your business' floors. Their highly abrasive quality can cause scratches and other permanent damage to your flooring, especially if you have wood floors. Aside from that, the chemical composition of most ice-melting materials is harmful to your floors. Most of these are highly alkaline and can strip your floors. They leave your floors looking dull, and in more extreme cases, can leave a permanent whitish film.

Slippery Conditions

Aside from endangering your floors, winter conditions can actually make your floors dangerous. Moist, muddy, or outright wet floors raise the slip-and-fall risks of your floors. And this is an accident and/or a lawsuit waiting to happen. Slip-and-fall accidents send over 1 million people to the emergency room every year, and a good chunk of these happen in wintertime. The condition and cleanliness of your floors play a major role in these accidents.

How CLS Can Help You Protect Business Floors this Winter

You don't have to tackle your business floors' biggest problems this winter! CLS, Michigan's leading mat and mop rental service, has your back. We have all the solutions to give your floors the best winter protection. We can help:

  • Keep floors cleaner and safer with CLS commercial floor mats. CLS offers a wide selection of high-quality commercial floor mats designed to address your floor's biggest winter threats. Our floor mats come in a range of materials, styles, sizes, and functions. Our mats can stop winter threats from getting close to your floors. Even through snowstorms and heavy foot traffic, CLS' mats help your business stay clean and safe all winter long.
  • Make floor cleaning easier and more efficient with CLS floor mops. Cleaning is always extra challenging during the winter season. You'll need floor mops that can stand up to winter's biggest threats to your floors. Our floor mats feature superior durability and superior functionality. Our cleaning essentials are all the support you need to boost your winter cleaning efforts!
  • We'll keep your floor care essentials available and in top-notch condition. CLS gives you more than just the right cleaning tools for your winter floor care needs. We are also your number 1 choice for MI professional mat and mop maintenance service! We use state-of-the-art, expert laundering and efficient handling. With CLS, your mats and mops are available, clean, and always ready to take on your biggest winter problems!

Winter-Proof Your Floors with CLS Today!

Get in touch with us to protect your floors, customers, and business today! Call us at 800-875-4636 to speak with a rep or click here for a free quote.

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