Team-Building Exercises for Workers Reentering the Workforce

Now that workplaces are opening back up, camaraderie is more important than ever before. The pandemic has made many more insular and created barriers where we used to have connections. Not everyone will feel fully comfortable returning to a normal workplace. This is where team-building exercises for workers reentering the workforce comes in. 

There Are Many Ways to Build Camaraderie  

  Team-building exercises for workers reentering the workforce are an effective way to remove tension and restore camaraderie. There are several different activities that can achieve results, but here are a few of the best.

Reengage Company Pride With Promotional Products

Few things capture company pride as well as company-branded promotional products. Whether you want to provide t-shirts or polos to build a team mentality or say thank you and welcome back with branded office supplies and gifts, we are ready to help!

Throw an Office Party  

For those who are comfortable with small gatherings of people, there are office parties. Turning the workplace into a fun environment, even for a brief time, helps workers associate that space with fun and other good feelings.

These gatherings are also versatile options depending on the circumstances. There can be rowdy music and dancing or a more contained movie night. There are limitless options depending on what workers want. 

Do Something for a Cause  

There are few things that are more satisfying than knowing you helped someone who needed it. Community outreach is also a great way to build camaraderie between those who do so together. It's a shared experience of fulfilment that many others won't be able to relate to. That's why it's important to ensure that workers participate in it as a group so that they can grow that bond together.

CLS Can Help with Team-Building  

CLS is an industry-leading provider of uniform, linen, and facility services with over 12 decades of experience. Here is how we can contribute to any business's team-building exercises:

  • High-Quality, Functional Promotional Products: Not everybody likes knickknacks or gift cards. CLS provides highly functional and stylish branded supplies and apparel that will strengthen brand awareness with every use! 
  • Party: No matter what kind of office party staff wants to throw, there will no doubt be a need for cleaning afterward. We provide high-quality mops, napkins, and towels for even the dirtiest spillages. No mess can stand up to our miracle disinfectant, multipurpose wipes, or gloves. We also have face masks for these close gatherings.
  • Volunteering: CLS is always looking for ways to give back to the communities we serve. Here are just a few of the organizations we support that your staff could too. 

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  CLS understands the importance of team-building exercises for workers reentering the workforce. Contact us here or call us at (800) 875-4636 for more information.

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