Linen Rental Services in Delhi, MI

Let our company provide your business in Delhi with lasting, durable linen rental that are designed to meet your business' exact. We can offer you everything from chef coats and aprons to coats and patient gowns. Nearly every size, color, and style is available for both purchase and rental. CLS can improve your image whether you are a new business owner or a large corporation. We can design a linen rental service program to fit both your budget and your needs. With our expert linen rental services, we can handle the laundry, the purchasing of the linens, and the repairs or maintenance so you are not wasting your time and money.

  • No initial purchases are required because you don't have to buy the linens.
  • We custom make each item to ensure the ideal look and fit.
  • Every week, we will pick up your soiled linens and deliver professionally cleaned ones.
  • We launder, inspect, repair and replace the linens if damages occur.
  • If the size of your company increases, we add additional linens.

Hospitality Linens in Delhi

We know how critical it is for you to make a good first impression on your guests. This is why we provide exquisite table cloths, napkins, and towels for restaurant owners and their wait staff. Many different options and sizes are available for purchase. More information about our hospitality linens.

Healthcare Linens

We are known for providing heavy duty linens to hospitals, doctor offices, nursing homes, and to other medical-related companies. All of our linens are delivered fresh, clean, and ready to be used by patients, physicians, and the nursing staff. We have many different choices and sizes available. More information about our healthcare linens.

Industrial Linens

At CLS, we can provide your company with durable materials that are designed to hold up over time. Our company can supply you with everything from heavy duty towels for your employees to clean up messes with, to garbage containers that can be used to contain towels or rags that were used to clean up dangerous chemicals. More information about our industrial towels that we can provide to you.

If you are interested in our medical linen options in Delhi please contact us today for more information.