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Floor Mat Rentals

If you have a business, you need high-quality mats to keep your floors clean and promote your brand. Here at CLS, we offer a variety of mat rental solutions to ensure you get exactly what you need, every time. Our mats come in a wide selection of colors, sizes, textures, and styles including anti-fatigue, logo, custom, and more!

Check out our mat rental solutions today:

Classic Mats

Our classic mats are a good fit for any business! Our mats are designed to collect dirt and stop stains. Made with 100% nitrile rubber backing, these mats don’t slip and slide. They are certified ‘High Traction’ by the National Floor Safety Institute.

Logo Mats

Supply CLS with your artwork, and your logo will be on the floor mat in two weeks! Our logo mats are manufactured on a state-of-the-art digital printer with a wide selection of colors to choose from. We also offer HD logo mats with photographic quality images. Both of our logo mats are also certified ‘High Traction’ by the National Floor Safety Institute.

Complete Comfort and Comfort Flow Mats

We offer comfort, flow, and scraper mats to suit the needs of your business. Our mats help increase productivity and employee comfort. They are ideal for kitchens, behind bars, machine shops, and more! Antimicrobial treatment reduces odors and keeps these mats fresh. Plus, the beveled edges make an easier floor-to-mat transition.

Michigan Mats

Our Michigan mats have a “Water Dam” border designed to hold dirt and moisture effectively. These mats have a strong ability to absorb liquids and are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. They are durable and available in a variety of sizes.

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