Linen Services

CLS can provide your location, whether it be a restaurant, hospital, hotel, or garage with high-quality, lasting, durable linens that are customized to meet your specific needs. Many different colors, sizes, and styles are available for both rental and purchase. Take a look at the areas in which we provide linen rental services.

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CLS is an extraordinary supplier of linen - from upscale restaurants to chain super markets and everything in between. CLS provides the products, services, and quality that have earned our company high praise from our customers. CLS offers a complete line of rental linens, uniforms, mats and restroom products.

Why would we rent our linens?

It's simple: Renting lets you focus on your business and not the laundry business. You select the linens; we provide the inventory and launder and deliver on a scheduled basis. Our program eliminates the need for a huge upfront investment in inventory and machinery as well as the management time involved thereafter. All products that CLS delivers are continuously replaced to ensure the highest quality!

Are your quality standards good enough for our business?

CLS takes your business image very seriously!

  • We do not repair the table linens. If there is a burn or stain in the linen, it is re-washed or thrown out. It is our business philosophy that our customers not be inconvenienced with inspecting our quality - we do it before it leaves our building.
  • Many companies make uniform repairs only if you tag the garment. At CLS, 9 out of every 10 repairs we perform are not tagged. We find them during our inspection process and you simply don't even notice! We also replace garments when they become worn - your quality standards are the same as ours!

What is so great about CLS Tablecloths and Napkins?

I'm glad you asked! CLS was first to the market with a new fabric that is soft and natural to the touch - Signature/Shun Touch. This fabric has the best color retention making whites whiter and colors brighter! It is also highly absorbent, to protect your customers from splashes and spills. And the bonus is that it doesn't leave lint on your patron's clothes the way cotton does.

Our current service does a good job. Why would we want to look at CLS?

Service, Service, Service! At CLS the service you receive from our members is the #1 reason our customers stay with us as well as the #1 reason our new customers sign up.

  • Our Customer Service Center will respond to your concern within 1 hour and give you a resolution within 24 hours.
  • Our Customer Service Center surveys all customers to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Specialized products such as: Signature table linen & napkins, customized uniform options and customized logo mats.

Thank you for your interest in CLS. Our first priority is to exceed the standards that you expect of CLS. Please give CLS the opportunity to prove it to your business.

Customer Review and Comments

Average rating for CLS Uniform and Linen is 5 stars of 5 stars - based on 26 reviews
We at Saginaw Valley Endoscopy Center have been pleased to have CLS represent us with linen/janitorial supplies for the past 3 years. I would like to commend your company on the outstanding job they do in regard to customer service. Regardless of what our needs are they are always addressed in a ...
Kathleen Tafoya - Saginaw, MI 48603