Uniforms and Apparel

Let CLS provide your location with quality, lasting uniform rental and related apparel. We can provide you with everything from chef coats and aprons to scrubs and patient gowns. Many different sizes, colors, and styles are available for purchase and rental. CLS can improve your uniform image whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, we can tailor a uniform rental service program to fit your budget and needs. With our full-service uniform rental services, we are responsible for the laundry, the purchasing of the uniforms, and the repairs or maintenance so you are not wasting your time and money. Take a look at the areas in which we provide uniform rental.

  • No upfront capital is required because you don't have to buy the uniforms.
  • We custom fit each employee to ensure the right look and fit.
  • Every week, we pick up your soiled uniforms and deliver professionally cleaned ones.
  • We launder, inspect, repair and replace the uniforms if sizes change or damages occur.
  • If the size of your business increases, we add additional uniforms.

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Why would we rent our uniforms & other products?

You have a business to run - we take one of the tedious tasks out of your hands! You select the uniforms & other services - we measure your employees and then provide, launder and deliver on a scheduled basis. Our program eliminates the need for a huge upfront investment in inventory as well as the management time involved thereafter. Your employees will always look good and have a uniform that is professionally maintained. All products that CLS delivers are continuously replaced to ensure the highest quality!

What happens when one of my employees quit?

The beauty of renting is that employee turnover is our problem - not yours! You just let us know the employee is no longer with you and when the new employee is starting. We measure and fit the new employee and take back the uniforms that are no longer in use.

Are your quality standards high enough for our office?

CLS takes your business image very seriously! For example, many companies make repairs only if you tag the garment. At CLS 9 out of every 10 repairs we perform are not tagged. We find them during our inspection process and you simply don't even notice! We also replace garments when they become worn - your quality standards are the same as ours!

Can we customize our uniforms?

CLS has on-site state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to put both your name and logo on any uniform!

Can you reduce my cost if some of my employees prefer to wash their uniforms at home?

CLS Lease offers you the most competitive way to have a uniform program without purchasing the uniforms. We provide the inventory, your employee launders, and your program costs are substantially reduced! Turnover of employees, repairs, replacements, and customization is handled in the same fashion as our full service rental program - only you pay less!

Our current service does a good job. Why would we want to look at CLS?

Service, Service, Service!!! At CLS the service you receive from our members is the #1 reason our customer stay with us as well as the #1 reason our new customers sign up.

  • Our Customer Service Center guarantees a response to your concern within 1 hour and gives you a resolution within 24 hours.
  • New employees are set up right the 1st time with accurate measurements and new uniforms the very next delivery!
  • Our Customer Service Center surveys all customers to ensure your satisfaction.
  • CLS carries a wide range of garments from Red Kap, Edwards & Century Place. ALL uniforms are available for rental, lease or purchase. We can also process your customer owned products as well.

Thank you for your interest in CLS. Our first priority is to exceed the high standards that our customers have come to expect from CLS. Please give CLS the opportunity to prove it to you and your employees.

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At CLS, we understand the importance of a logo, as it says a lot about a company. Let our Sales & Service Team help create a logo, or duplicate an existing one. Either way, you will have a product that has immediate impact.

CLS is equipped to Deliver Your Image with your company logo embroidered directly into a garment, embroidered on an emblem, or screen printed to help you send a message of quality and corporate identity.

To order direct embroidery, just email, fax, or send in your artwork and our team will do the rest. You can expect a quality, wearable finished product that not only looks good, but will get noticed.

Customer Review and Comments

Average rating for CLS Uniform and Linen is 5 stars of 5 stars - based on 26 reviews
I have worked with CLS for years, even before coming to Turtle Creek Casino, fortunately they were already a close partner here when I came. There are always many last minute concerns when opening a new building with this much staff. CLS has jumped in to offer solutions to many employee concerns as ...
Owen Smith - Williamsburg, MI 49690