Uniform Rental in Bay View, MI

Let us provide your location in Bay View with quality, lasting uniform rental services and related apparel. We can provide you with everything from chef coats and aprons to scrubs and patient gowns. Nearly every size, color, and style is available for both purchase and rental. CLS can improve your company's uniform image whether you are a new business owner or a large corporation. Our team can create a uniform rental service program to fit both your budget and needs. With our full-service uniform rental services, we will handle the laundry, the purchasing of the uniforms, and the repairs or maintenance so you are able to better spend your time working.

  • No initial capital is required because you are not buying the uniforms.
  • We custom make each uniform to ensure the right look and fit.
  • Each week, we will pick up your dirty uniforms and deliver new, cleaned ones.
  • We launder, inspect, repair and replace the uniforms if sizes change or damages occur.
  • If the size of your workforce increases, we can add additional uniforms.

Hospitality Uniforms in Bay View

We have a wide variety of restaurant and hospitality options in stock, ready to be sized and delivered. We can provide you with chef coats, pants, cooking shirts, butcher smocks, aprons, and more. We have many different sizes and options that are available. More information about our hospitality uniforms.

Medical Uniforms

We can provide your hospital staff with a large variety of essential clothing staples for their career, including lab jackets, scrub shirts and pants, and also a variety gowns and apparel for your patients. There are many different colors and sizes available for rental. More information about our healthcare uniforms.

Work Uniforms

When you have a team that needs to be easily found at your location, provide them with our uniform work apparel from CLS. We have a wide variety of styles to choose from, including striped shirts, durable coveralls, ladies' apparel, corporate wear, and more. More information about our work uniforms.

Corporate Apparel

Our corporate apparel can help ensure your team is always properly representing your name with t-shirts and workwear embroidered with your company logo. The corporate apparel options include button-down collared shirts, polos, denim shirts, and pleated pants. Let us help ensure your company brand is always being shown off.

If your company is interested in our industrial uniform choices in Bay View please contact us today for more information.